Artificial Intelligence is leading to breakthrough improvements for better decision and intelligence analyses. Utilizing highly cross-disciplinary fields of Data Science and AI, we work hard to extract valuable knowledge from data for deeper understanding and decision support. Our deeply imbued framework, steeped in well-honed methods in statistics and machine learning, together with computational techniques and algorithms for big data, has led to cost-efficiencies, optimized performance, and improved workflow and productivity. Due to our results-driven approach, Aretec’s business intelligence solutions are leading to a clear road map to smarter and faster decisions.

Data Science & AI Capabilities

Document AI

Gain insights into contracts, task orders, forms and other types of documents with our automated data extraction capabilities. AI allows classification of documents and extraction of insights from document.

Vision AI

Vision AI can detect faces, landmarks, text, logos among other details from images. Bounding boxes in the images allow users to easily review the extracted insights. Vision AI also identifies web entities that the image may have been published on.

Video AI

Video Intelligence extracts labels, transcripts, logos & text annotations from videos to allow users to understand the video’s context within minutes. Users can skip to relevant sections of the videos to review the necessary content. Users can also explore details about the insights extracted by Context.

Speech to Text

Transcribe video, live audio, phone conversations and audio files to gain insights.

Machine Learning

Design and build supervised and unsupervised models so systems can automatically learn and improve from experience.

Data Science

Use a combination of tools, applications, principles and algorithms to process large data sets and make data driven decisions. We perform predictive and prescriptive analysis using data technologies such as SQL, Python, R, SAS, Hadoop and leading cloud innovations.

Aretec's Accelerators


Our team has identified common AI / ML patterns that allow for accelerated development and deployment of models


Our MLOps pipelines leverage the leading (and most common) CI / CD tools to automate redundant tasks


Leveraging our multi-domain expertise, Aretec optimizes workloads at different layers - such as Data, Application & AI

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